The Southern California Soaring Clubs or (SC)2 is composed of a group of clubs spanning from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire and south to San Diego, whose purpose is to promote the hobby of radio control soaring for both recreation and competition. While the separate clubs have their own contests and events, they also host SC2 contests to create a circuit season.

Basic Contest Description

A usual contest consists of 3 or 4 timed rounds.

In a round each pilot will fly his/her glider for a predetermined number of minutes and will land in a specific spot. Maximum points are awarded for flying the exact length of time and landing exactly in the target zone.

Points are deducted if the pilot is over/under the predetermined flight time and for the distance away from the designated target zone.

You rely on a fellow pilot to time your flight, walk the course with you, and to keep you informed of conditions in the air and on the ground.

You attach a winch line to your glider’s tow hook and prepare as it is launched 500 to 700 feet in the air. When your plane comes off the tow line at the top of the launch, your timer starts the clock for that round and you search for thermals to keep your plane aloft.

2017 Rules and Information